Tuesday, July 26, 2011

736: 10 things that remind me of a thunder storm- part 2

part one

Part 2:

the way her voice sounds over the phone
when there is more than just ocean and land between us
when we are distant
and the sounds our bodies make are lost in sea spray
in dust bowls
and all the universe that is just taking up space
taking up our time

the girls i meet who arent the one i know iʻll marry
but i love
none the less
in ways i cant express
for the ones who dance as if my life depends on it
and every dream i have is set to the rhythm of your hearts metronome
how when i awake
i await for the rhythm to take me

your laughter
the sharpness of it
how it holds me
keeps me awake
lets me know
i might be safe
even when the world is shaking

the silence behind your eyes
the words you cannot say
not even to yourself
the way my hands felt against your cheek
when every part of your body
was dust crumbling under me
when i wanted to collect it all
how it still slipped through my grasp
how you walked away
and i watched as you didnt look back

my mothers voice when ive done something wrong
her smile, when ive made it right
the sunrise when weʻve run out of light

a kiss that you never wanted to end
a strangers hand on the back of you neck
the tunnel of your ear
the small of your back
hands everywhere
my body bending to fit them

a volcanoes eruption
an orgasm that never happened
the build up
the longing
the want for soemthing to break
to show you that it can
we dont always bend
wanting to show me an alternative
another way to wake in the morning
a new body to build with you

i do not believe we were one

the way it felt to wake up clenched to you
how your lips tastes like the palms of every women i ever loved
how i wanted to be covered in them
how wanting to be held
was dangerous and not allowed

the way her voice sounds on the phone
after everything thats happened
how loving other women, like you
only made me empty and want more
how waiting for her
made me feel safe
how all of this together
makes me want to break in two
down the middle
and let my spirit
walk away

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