Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 723: stuborn

there are certain thoughts i save for the dark
they are the parts of me i find heaviest when i am waking
when i am trying to sleep
they are the parts of you,
you have forgotten you had
but still creep here
haunt me
leave me feeling empty and dried up
i wonder how it feels to leave someone empty
hollowed out
to not want any more of what they have
and drag whats left of them
across the sand
like a favor to the morning
i wonder if you knew
some nights
i feel like i could be the only person in this universe
there isnt a single soul
not one i can see
from here
this darkness
and cold
this hollow
it smells like your hair the morning after you've washed it
like your hands when you touch me
like you lips in the sunset
memory is ones worst enemy
because somehow
sadness seems to stick the hardest
pain seems to cling to it
it is something i will not ever let go of
like the plans we already made
and i tell everyone one of my friends about a wedding you might not even believe in
about my journeys to bring me to the city that ill soon name yours
that i may never see again
cuz if its yours and im not
i dont think i can learn to breathe there
cuz if i am the only one who believes
its leave me
i just wish
someone could come
stay a while
sit with me
make me fell
a little less crazy
for loving you
so stubbornly

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