Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 737: to those who love the poet in me

to the women who love the poet in me

you will always wait for me to open your doors
to sing you to sleep
let your hand fall just a little farther from you body
begging me to hold you
and will
i will kiss your cheek
your wrist
you lips
when i kiss your forehead
a part of me will jump through my body and take home in yours
you will not feel my entry
but i will feel my own absence

you will watch me on tv
on youtube
on your phone
at a friends house
you will see me perfected
the parts of me i practice in front of mirrors
only what is left after iʻve been cut and edited
you will see me then
stripped of all my human
and you will want to be apart of the masterpiece
of the story
want me to be your introduction to women who dress and sing like me
want me to hold you
because my hands are softer than your boyfriends
and i know how to make your body move right
you will want me then
and i will let you

when i fall in love
you will think you are lucky
that you have caught the uncatchable
that you are special
and you are
but you will not be ready to see me after the curtains close
when the imperfect parts find their way home
when i am not so memorized and refined
you will wonder why you came to me in the first place
you never wanted human
you wanted magic
the flashing lights
the stage presence
the tears iʻve shed on stage

you will call my vulnerability sexy
but only when you are drinking it from the other end of my microphone
you will not want to stay and listen through the night
not know why i need to be told
what your love means
you will not understand when i need you to count the ways
to reach our your hand a little further from you body
how i will need to held every once and a while
need someone imperfect to call me beautiful
to see me
in all the worst lights
my ugly
my insecure
my love
my human
and maybe
and maybe
still want
to stay the night


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  2. love this peice, it really speaks to me because i have issues with this same thing. People love for what they see and get dissapointed we are not perfect..but we're human... i think people forget someones humanity once they fall in love with their perfection. strong peice.