Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 717: After tonight

watch poem here

I wrote a poem
To spit at you
When you were here with me
Number 1 tag team
Why don’t you flag this
In your browser list
You and forever
Since our first kiss

We had that legend love
Made the others jealous
Didn’t know sometimes that green shits infectious
But we made our mind
We do out time
Now we collect chips
Like we’re alcholoic

Whats that you said
You don’t dig my lyrics, aint trynna feel it
All I know its time for me to break through this
Cage of music and poetry
Two separate worlds
bring them together likeim jamba trynna bring the swirl

you can laugh it fine, I made a funny I know
just remember when I end, this is the lesson I wrote
leave the sky itll fall when its ready
take your time tonight
while we still have these bodies

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