Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 733: syncopated

U deep crater
You ocean
You rain water falling
You sand, slipping through me
I find my hands
trying to break into your body
find myself looking for safety in the strangest places
in the breath behind your eyes
the dance in your step
see mehere swinning in parts of you that aren’t mine to take
you not willing to give
see me tring to sink
wishing to drown
knowing the only forever I’ve ever knowlast for a day
sometimes two

so cover me reckless
me brown body breaking
brown body longing
silk skin safety
call me mornings danger
a kisses combustion
the ocean’s recoil

here everything happens in odd numbers
she says
I want to ask why
Knowing her answer will taste of white chocolate mocha
Something I’ll listen

The things I know,
Happen in twos
But you are a dotted rhythm pushing me into the next step
Leave me stuttering into breath

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