Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 740: Laying with your wind

if the truth comes from darkness
then my tears are born of your skin
my strength of your eyes
my spirit of your hands
three prayers i've carved into your kiss
there are so many things i've hidden in your body
my love
my pride
my palms
all stitched into the base of your neck
so yours is the sun
yours in the year
yours is this earth
braided with my skin
woven with my bones
my spirit
and you are the kaona
you ae the miracles
you are the ocean
and the rain
and i am the little things
the creatures that crawl
i am the dirt
i am this land
the things that wait stand here forever
the rocks that have forgotten to carve their wings from the shell of their bones
and you are the memory
the reminder
the stillness
the things that return
the things that continue
the beauty that is standing forever
hold me in the bend of your dance
while i lay
with your wind

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