Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 713: obama's facebook status

"It's a big moment: 475,000 donors now own a piece of this campaign. Thank you, everyone"
the presidents been bought
brought back like heartbeats lost
osamas death turned a million empty hands into cash floods
down te pipeline
obama life line lives in the way we hand our checks

extra extra
someone handed over a million dollars in posters for a piece of my daughters future

give me one reason not to be a cynic
one reason not to be disgusted in teh way money walks
talks and breathes through these streets
one reason not tto think that maybe telling the world that 475 K people own a piece of you is not the most positive thing
we've sold our people to the highest bidders
watched our walls crumble
while they comes back loking for the pieces they've fogotten
tell me how're your gonna spend over a million dollars saying that are chilren are hungry and need to be fed
how' yure gonna talk about inequality
when the streets of your checks are paved with hidden intentions

these are not tricks of any trade
you've picked your place in the world
made your way
i hope
we can afford
the change

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