Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 735:

you will not need to ask
when you enter
if i will have you
i will
have you
empty my pockets
of the things i used
to make me feel heavy enough
to be alive
when you left
it meant that i must walk
forward, even when only confronted
with darkness, i will know
you are there
and when you are here
you wont need to ask
but you probably will

so i will say
do not be waiting by the phone for my reply
do not be heart broken girl standing by
do not be crumpled sheet music
do not be the keys of a piano never played
do not be the dance
or the sun
or the kisses
or the glances
or the smiles
or the tears
do not be falling
do not be falling
do not be asking questions
we dont have answers to
do not be
without me
i will have you
i promise
when you are here
there will be no need for questions
we will know
all the answers
in skin

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