Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 744: life guard

i thought the words would lift a rock from my chest
the kind of rock you fear falling under when the bigger waves hit
i've been playing it kind of close
waiting for the blue mountains
the ones that swell double or triple over head
i want to barely make it
let myself panic
say "fuck"
wonder how long ill be carried under
how it will feel to be released
will i be a statistic
turn my bones to powder
under this pressure
i wonder

when they fell out
the words
like teeth
turned to milk
when they slipped though me
there was no weight gone
just more pressure
just more fear
it was too honest
too real
and my arms are not prepared to carry this much weight
not another body can sink here
for they will drown
if im the one whose meant to save them

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