Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 746: distance

"a real relationship isnt tangible"
isnt measurable
isnt the kind of ting
that i can snap in my hands
cannot crash against my bedroom door
cannot hold at night

real distance isnt tangible
isnt the miles between our bodies
isnt the time zones we've crammed between our hearts
its the meters we drown ourselves in the meantime
the times we talk and the spark is soft to say the least
when we are all routine and no youth
all promises
all ones we've broken before
we can see the cracks where the repair was maid
the humid air makes everything about us expand
its hard to see where we began
when there are oceans and mountains built in the tracks of every place we have ever stood
i look back and all i see is land mass
and other things i havent learned to measure
it makes me wonder
were youll be when your here
and whether or not
ill be wherever that is too

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