Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 751: goodnight- the rest

if i could
i would swallow the ocean
the continent
the walls
the others
everything standing between us
everything that keeps the right words from falling out of our mouths

This is my apology
for stealing your ink
leaving you dry
for wanting you to want me this way
because no one else seems to
for throwing words to you late at night like hawaii
and roomatess like we dont know what i mean
that theres something magical about it all
how a part of me fell in love when you said you wouldnt move to hawaii for me
but you would for yourself
part of it felt so safe
something about our laughter made me feel like everything about my life was upside down

when she didnt call and instead you stayed with me until your morning
it made me wonder how the distance could be so thick to make her so silent
and yet
still let you hold me from this space
it makes me wonder where i am to be in the morning
and how she will read this poem and cover it with everything she can
when just weeks ago
doing so would be impossible
how is it love changes this much
if we arent working
does it mean we are broken
does it mean i have to start over again

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