Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 748: out

i let harmonies slip through me like
having parts of your kiss
still tucked under my tongue
doesn't slice my breath every time i make a sound
like legging go is something I've already done
when we know it isn't
when we know me running away is just the first step in me crawling back

its not that i think it wont get better
its that i worry it will
and then it'll get worse again
its the waves we love in
how the tide changes in our distance
in an instant
its that we've never be stable
rock like
never been able to hold each other across th ocean
when we know
these miles
may be a very big part of our lives
its that everytime we are a part i try to pull you into me and eventually you are further away than the milky way
its the walls and how quickly they can build
its the tone of your voice
its me wondering if you'll want to hold my hand
wondering if you've fallen in love with boston
or someone else in his place
its all of this
its every minute
its me
and its you
not knowing if the word us is still a part of our vocabulary
its growing up
and growing out

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