Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 757: recovery

the day after i write a poem like yesterday
i can do nothing to pick up the pieces that i gutted that never made it to the page
sort them out on my desk
and wonder
how all these ugly parts ended up in one place
one person
how after living my life
and writing on it
i can continue to make the same mistakes
its like our ancestors always said
time is not linear
its a cycle
and i seem to live every bit of mine in circles

the process is simple
give my heart to a girl
push that love past its boiling point
then break
cool off too soon
find mys glass skin cracking from the change
see another masterpiece
let your pieces
dance to the rhythm she speaks
be ready to fall
and deep
do not be surprised when it doesn't work
when the kettle turns to hot
you start melting
burn til she cannot watch you burn any longer
add the cold water
crack under the pressure

1 comment:

  1. Trust me. It isn't a you thing. It is a lesbian thing. Wow. Reading this I almost swore I wrote it. It's beautiful though. :')