Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 767: poetry

"when everyone love you
and no one knows who you are
When you’re not sure if you even know yourself
How you have fallen in love
With people’s perception of you"

i am a body of so many women's expectations
somehow i've turned every scar into a crater worth marveling
every word is a song
i never wrote properly
tuned to the key of someone
falling falling falling
im 21
still havent learned to catch a love properly
i just lay out my hands and hope the cracked kettle settles

i've taken
every word thats ever been written in my direction
made a paper mache version of myself
called it beautiful
tell the pretty girls they can have a piece
for the price
love me right
for a couple nights
let me hold you like sunrise
and stay til im ready to leave you behind

i am the girl
everyone loves
nobody knows
not even myself
cracked promises
i made in a direction i dont remember
just waiting
somewhere will hold me right

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