Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 766: Bon Iver

i can listening to the same Bon Iver song on repeat
for hours
and not translate a single word
and yet
i know
th emelody is written for the 6 thousand some odd miles that straddle our bodies
that the reoccurring bass line
is making a mockery of my heartbeat
trying to keep me steady
the way your hands should
all i hear is the music begging me to answer my own questions
telling me to come back to a place i aint even ever been just so i can call it home the next time i hold you

the first time i hold you
will be to this song
all it asks is that you come back
thats all i want to remember
thats alli can manage at this point in the evening
just know in the morning ill still be here
and itll be a different kind

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