Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 760: Slamber party

the nostalgia we slipped somewhere under your rug
always comes to the surface
on nights light these
when we let the air hang thick upon our sleeves
this is the place we learned to breathe
learned to share stories like songs
learned to make our skins sing

you are a mother
we would never know to ask for
never know we would need
but we did
cried to every part of our pens bodies
for someone to find us whole
lead us to something solid

we are just pieces of a legacy you are still building
a promise
we intend to keep

1 comment:

  1. Okay. So I really want to understand this poem....but...I don't, but you do have some cool sounding lines. I feel like this poem either is pure genius, that has some extremely deep cosmic life changing meaning that will unlock the secrets of the universe and save mankind from self-destruction, and my inferior brain can not possibly comprehend it, or it means absolutely nothing....but I wouldn't insult you by assuming the second one. So I am going to guess it is neither one and just say that either the meaning of it got lost in the figurative language or it is an extremely personal poem that only the peron who it was written for would understand.