Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 762: puzzle

some nights
the silence between our bodies is suffocating
but others
its just the music i need to compose to
there is a moment
before you speak
when i can see ever part of your body composing poems to be sent to my lips
we fill this space with words we hope our chests wont miss
sing songs for the distance

in the moments we are parting
when the computer screen's recoil in the only movement i can see
i find myself pulling at the deepest parts of myself
i want to give you something other than these words
wished i could hold you with more than these poems
keep your hands busy with something other than the keyboard

so many times i've tried to show you
from here
that you are a lost piece to a puzzle i had given up on
a reminder of so much of myself that i had hidden
proved that its possible for someone to want me now and tomorrow
i wonder what could be ahead of us
wonder what we might leave behind
hope that neither of us forgets
what this bliss feels like
even in our distance
even when we couldnt feel any further away

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