Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 13: Locks, Digs, Shines

I want to leave art behind me like footprints
Like smiles on the lips of lost lovers
I’ve learned,
Sometime you can kiss through your fingertips
Leave them with tongues that cant help but remember your texture
I want to be beautiful

3 words swept over screens with only the whitewash of silence sirens following,
You are beautiful
We speak poetry with opposite denotations praying the other might catch a shining glimpse of our heartbeats connotations
She said
You are beautiful
Only as beautiful as the way we save glances before kisses in the pockets of our eyelids
We shine
The way our bodies remember the feeling of another even after it happens
We bear scars
Only as amazing as a heart intertwined with its roots
Only as amazing as you
like sunsets and waterfalls
im only amazing as you paint me

I am not whole enough to be human
nor barely broken enough to be a beautiful as she promises
and she,
She stores stars in the time capsules of her kisses
And my teeth dig poems into her lips and skin
This mouth breaks everything it touches
Its caustic
I wonder if she tastes it
The shattered dust of bloody and broken pinky promises

Poets sometimes kiss like it will last
and don’t mean it
promise to be honest
thinking truth comes out easy
And sometimes it does
Sometimes we remember
And sometimes memory is forever
And sometimes it isn’t
Sometimes we just pass
And sometimes that’s just fine
Sometimes even the broken shine
But I just want to be fine
But Who’s to say whether a heart can memorize a tongues taste or not

She says she afraid to be forgotten
And She locked her lips on my tongue
Dug thumb to pelvis
i can still feel her hand clamped there
I am afraid to forget
i am nothing without my memories
She reaches hand deep to my skin
Hands cold, soft still cut stories into me
I don’t want to forget

And I am never honest enough to be naked
and i've heard her speak of being a fortress but they dont stand without strong walls
i cant see through you, it scares me
maybe i was once a castle
cuz Sometimes when I kiss I cry more then smile
and castles
they were built to be beautiful
but they will always be conquered
I’ve wept at climax more times then I have laughed
My breathes are short and sharp
Piercing like the secrets we’re sharing like our bodies

Im back under her hands
her breathe
Im nervous...
I melt, she locks her lips
...I’ll never make a difference
Im afraid...
I sweat, she digs her fingertips
...I’ll forget
Im scared...
I gasp, she shines
...Youll be forgotten

She says shes afraid to hurt people
Everyone that beautiful is
I say I am afraid to hurt people
Everyone this ugly is
I do not want to forget
She does not want to be forgotten
i want to paint her the color of God
So she leaves shards of her fiberglass skin hidden in my eyelids
I left nothing with her but my taste and she will surely smoke it away
And im not sure if that makes me more or less afraid

I am under her hands again
She locks
I melt
She digs
I sweat
She shines
I gasps

I promise, I will not forget


  1. Wow...I don't even have a single favorite part. That was pretty much amazing all the way through.