Wednesday, August 26, 2009


no one ever wnats to be THAT girl
that one drunk of her own regrets singing songs like pastimes to slured crowed of friends.
last night i danced the streets of taxi cabs and 18 legal drinking ages
picked pokets of vodka and beer
spilt wine on my pride multiple times
i was THAT girl
surrounded by women too beautiful to be friends
trading advice and stories like elementary boyfriends
spoke of u-hauls and mistakes
and how to break hearts gently
but i ws THAT girl
and it fucking rocked!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jamaica,
    I had a chace to see your performance at the Calvary Church in Hawaii this month. It moved me profoundly.
    I study Asian American Literature in Japan.
    I am much interested in you. I have got some of your performance from Youtube. But I cannot get lyrics of your poem.
    I am very sorry I cannot catch all your words from the video.
    I would like to get three poems (in written words), Kumulipo which I saw at the church, 1893 and Kaona.
    I am going to study them and introduce your performance and poems in Japan.
    Will you tell me how to get them?

    Michiko Fukai
    (Kobe Women's University in Japan)