Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 28: Anthology of Love and Heartache: Part 3, Keola

We ran the line of virginity so well

Our actions so fine

As if we were trained tightrope walkers

Two steps forward and one back until I ran too far out of reach

You couldn’t touch me if I wouldnt call you back

And I couldn’t find away to want you to


love seemed simple

like making out behind the cafeteria

like promised calls every night after dinner

love seemed simple

any two opposites could do it

just required sharing biology like currency

my breast for you neck

we didn’t have to talk as long as we were sharing tongues

didn’t need to admit how uncomfortable your hand on my skin was

my saliva was enough promise

Tomorrow at lunch would be redemption

and I would open my mouth just enough to let you in without releasing a scream


and love would never be that complicated again

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