Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 34: I am not Dreaming

she sleeps on my skin like terror
crawls upwards like secrets
i do not know how to hold her
i do not want to sleep with her tonight
maybe tomorrow would be better
for this kind of tingle
i'm in this bed alone and she is beside me
in my mind
leaves me naked alone every time
crawls on top of me
i am pinned
seduced to this reduction
she holds me captive
like bondage
but there is nothing sexy about the taste she leaves behind
the reaction glued to my face daily
in these streets, every morning is a walk of shame
when you are afraid to walk these street
and sleeping is only comfort to the mind until dreams realize their control over the mind
she holds me captive
and i am not dreaming
i am not sleeping
i am making love with fear
she drinks each drop of sweat
grows stronger
as i grow more and more ashamed

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