Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 12: Just breathe

tonight she is silent
resting head above a too familiar pillow
a too familiar smell
she is covered in lost loves and heartbreak like the sweat of panic attacks
there is something in the air
these sheets still taste of stale tears
smell like fear
like clockwork breaths speed
words forked like traffic
afraid of what this means
everyone thinks they are ready until they arent ready
and shes been caught somewhere between both revelations for months
hiding from names and memories
held captive to her own dreams
through lost sleeping breaths i swear i can hear a whispered "save me"
just breathe
dream yourself somewhere less sacred
somewhere less familiar
bring yourself home
stop trying to progress
just breathe beautiful
i will stretch these fingertips over oceans and continents
just to wipe tears
hold you however you want me to
just breathe
take the breathe from my chest
tainted with my own desire
take it
i dont need it
i've learned how to hold my breath and wait for healing to take place
beautiful, just breathe...

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