Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 32: Contradiction

She was raised a contradiction

Pink dresses and hat Sunday morning

Keep your curls clean

And body slam Mondays with brothers 5 times her size

She was raised a contraction

Strength spilling from her skin from morning to sundown

But at nighttime

Fear had a way of drowning her from the inside out

Scared of night

There are not fist fights in dreamland

No one ever wins

Its always broken up by the time sun break comes

And she cant handle unsolved solutions

She was raised a contradiction

Brown skin from the inside out

Darkened by language

And distaste in herself

She was born contradiction

Wishing brothers could call her brother and her blood could some how be thicker from it

She was born a contradiction and NO ONE hated themselves for it as much as she did.

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