Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 31: to my best friend

so i've decided im not done with my 30/30 blog. i want to keep going. it would be really cool to get 100 consecutive post or 365 posts. and we'll see what happened once i get to school and that shit but for the time being. enjoy.

so im leaving today fro columbia
right? right!
whats the point?
i know i should be excited but all i can thing about is drug lords
and poverty
and theft
and a one week premature college goodbye

its been 12 months since the last time we stood here
airport check in tables
where they'll charge you 15$ for a bag
but throw in the tears for freee
i never seem to be able to get through an airport without leaving some sort of mess behind me
i wish i was better at goodbyes
or that i believe "see you later" was a promise
i wish your future was a mirror
something i could see myself in
but the only thing reflect on is our past and the mistakes we've made
when you leave, promise me one thing...

that you'll remember what friendship feels like whole
so when we are halfed we can remember to glue ourselves back
remember to stretch and that reaching isnt as hard as it looks
and that distance is just that space behind our mirrors that no one can really measure
we just know we cant touch it
it cant be held and we fear the unknown

remember what strength feels like
and hpw your heart beats when you are home
and dont forget that staying friends forever only get hard
when you forget how to pick up the phone.

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