Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 15: Can we go Sailing?

With the first line

Splinting through minds and lips

Through email correspondence

I split my chest

Cut my body in two

Half for you

Take the side with my heart

Its beats only like daggers these days anyway

Beautiful to watch im sure

Be gentle

The tissue is fragile still

From the last time touched by nervous palms

You don’t have to love me to care

You don’t have to care to love me

You don’t have to do anything

Your existence is more than enough

Trust me

You don’t write so often

You make it seem easy

Like distance isn’t worth mentioning

I’ve never been so disgusted by beauty and honestly

“we are victims to distance”

I wonder what im supposed to think

Because reading has never felt more broken and confused

Im just continuing to draw boxes that we don’t fit into

I wonder am I supposed to be dry still after crossing oceans

I’ve been holding back apocalypse tears too afraid of the silence to follow

I don’t want to walk under a rainbow anytime soon

I rather stay under the gray

Black and white leave no room for the half alive

its love or lost and I don’t like my chances

Im waiting to break

Because The end is always the same

How is it we play this game like waltz too beautiful to break

When there are so many pillars and walls in the way

So many other dancers crossing our stage

This is our stage

This ink and microphone make us destine

To be something shared

To be something undefined

To be

This ink makes us destine to share something other than friendship or romance

Share pain

Like honestly

There is nothing awkward about trust

So trust me

Do not mistake the scent of it in the air for fear

This is just truth

You and I stepping on each others feet

Slow dancing in a burning room

Both trying to lead and follow

Too often crossing our own lines

So We are too afraid to speak anything other than similes

Cant Touch each other with anything other than our words

But I still have your fingerprints on my wrist

Where all writing begins

I’ve wondered if you noticed

Why are we still half standing

There is too much land

Trying to keep us from drowning in this absence

But I live close to the ocean

I need only to step beyond my own walls to be submerged

It is simple for me to sink


I think you are the one whos supposed to be able to walk away from it all

But maybe someday

We can go sailing

Meet new horizons with opens minds and hands

And maybe ill finally find myself under the salt

Beneath the sand

I’m sure ill be

Somewhere tangled in the awkward honesty we call trust

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