Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 18: Puzzles

ive learned
loneliness only comes when there are no hearts in reach to strangle
and we play chess with our miss matched hearts like hograwts children
just waiting to be dismembered
but ive been wondering
if the ending comes too soon
will you still remember me
or will you suffocate my face from your thoughts
give me no room to foster
do i deserve any better than that
i've never been the mess before
i've definitely been broken
never the cause
always the effect
and the only comfort i take in distance is the promise that i dont have to look into shattered eyelids too soon to know the effects of my own actions
i love you
and loved you all the way through every mistake and misplaced attention
but i dont know how to hold my owns hands in this
dont know how to feel less alone and broken when there are oceans between us
mocking our static movements
i'd like to strangle the shoreline
in hopes that the breathlessness will bring me some sort of closure
or closer
either way
take my hands away for a few days
force then to your hips and pelvis
rather than heart for once
im not sure if i know anything about puzzle pieces
other than how to tear them apart.

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